CodaBow Escher Violin Bow

CodaBow Escher Violin Bow
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As with the happiest unions, the Escher is neither submissive nor dominant, but complies and... more

As with the happiest unions, the Escher is neither submissive nor dominant, but complies and leads in complete synergy with its artist. While fulfilling the musician’s every expression, its tone and touch suggest new ideas to the player, nurturing a deeply intimate connection. Enticing color and shape seduces the eye, and as it draws across the string, the alluring sensitivity in the hand echoes in the contours of its sound. This bow recalls the bewitching 1934 Oscar winning song “The Continental”: “It’s something daring…a way of dancing that’s really ‘entre nous’.” The bow stick is the same stick used for a CodaBow Marquise GS.

Inspired by centuries of bow making tradition and decades of experience in bow making, the MARQUISE is the gold standard among master bows. The MARQUISE was developed by the leading manufacturers in bow making and offers exquisite handling and an expressive sound that was once reserved for the finest bows only. Unidirectional carbon fibres extend continuously from the leg to the head and, in combination with the newly developed acoustic core made of organic fibres, ensure increased sensitivity and resonance. Smooth in the hand and full in the ear, the MARQUISE is the first choice of professional musicians. Who plays CodaBow?

The bows are manufactured in the USA. Frogs and buttons are manufactured by Walter Paulus GmbH in Germany (Bavaria). To our CodaBow Website.

The bows feature GlobalBow® technology and contain only harmless materials. Thus the bow can be taken carefree on journeys.

Quality features

Kevlar acoustic core

Lively, full, expressive sound

Strong, easy response

Lifetime manufacturer warranty (Registration CodaBow)


Winding: Fine French Silver Thread/Silk
Dynamic Balance: Center-Frog
Bow Frog: White Alabaster-Frog
Tone Color: Vibrant, Rich, Expressive
Bow Core: Organic-Fiber Acoustic Core
Strength/Action: Medium-Soft
Weight: Medium-Heavy
Button: Three-Part Button
Touch: Responsive, Strong
Travel: GlobalBow® Certified
Stick: Round Stick
Fitting: Sterling Silver Fittings
Instrument: Violin
Level: Master
Size: 4/4
Color: brown
Material: carbon
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