CodaBow Prodigy Violin Bow


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Product number: CBPGCB10.1
Product information "CodaBow Prodigy Violin Bow"

The shared vision of innovative bow makers and professional teachers, the PRODIGY finally offers exceptional students an elevating and supportive design. With a clear, strong, even sound, it is built to provide on-string forgiveness and comfort while enhancing the student’s natural and developing capabilities. The bow will reinforce a young artist’s confidence in their performance.

CodaBow bows show that the most modern materials can be uncompromisingly combined with outstanding playing quality. Through collaboration with musicians, master bow makers, teachers and leading scientists, this advanced bow family made of carbon has been developed. Who plays CodaBow?

The bows are manufactured in the USA. Frogs and buttons are manufactured by Walter Paulus GmbH in Germany (Bavaria). To our CodaBow Website.

The bows feature GlobalBow® technology and contain only harmless materials. Thus the bow can be taken carefree on journeys.

Quality features

GlobalBow® Technology

Sound: Even, Clear

5-Year manufacturer warranty (Registration CodaBow)



Action/Stiffness: Medium-Strong
Balance Point: Center-Tip
Bogen Design: Diamond Weave Architecture
Bow Frog: Bow Frog Crafted From XEBONY®
Button: Three-Part Button
Colour: Brown
Instrument: Violin
Material: carbon
Montur: Nickel Silver Fittings
Player Skill Level: Student
Playing Experience: Steady, Firm
Size: 3/4, 4/4
Sound: Even, Clear
Stick: Round Stick
Travel: GlobalBow® Certified
Weight: Medium-Light

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April 14, 2021 12:16

A perfect entry level bow

My first contact with coda bow happened in 2014 with the model Prodigy. I had been advised by some colleagues to try a good quality carbon fibre bow (instead of the 40€ bow I had from Ebay). I found a dealer in Lisbon and bought it right away. From the start I noticed a better weight distribution from frog to tip, and the tone on my acoustic changed and the grab on my electric improved. It was the perfect entry level bow. On the heavy side, but powerful and reliable. It remained my main bow for 5 years. Follow up bow Luma and Joule.

Accessory Items

Glasser 2000CG Violin Bow
The 2000CG (carbon graphite) violin bow is the highest quality composite bow stick of Glasser and features a unidirectional carbon fiber core. It is high-gloss black, nickel silver mounted with a fully lined Paulus ebony frog with flamed abalone slide and double eye. Characteristics: Robust and weather resistant Perfect for traveling and as a student violin bow Features:

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