Eureka Instruments

We are the online retailer for selected carbon stringed instruments, carbon bows and accessories. With our offer we want to make string music accessible to as many people as possible. We use our decades of experience and our network of partners in the field of bow components.


Our carbon products are not only high quality, durable and of unusual resonance - they also offer the best price-performance ratio the instrument market has to offer. That's why they are an excellent alternative to wooden instruments, especially for beginners. But carbon instruments and parts are also a useful addition to their traditional equipment for enthusiasts and professional musicians. The robust material is particularly pleasing during trips abroad and outdoor concerts.


Your Eureka Instruments Team


I want music to be accessible and fun for as many people as possible. My hypothesis is that after sound and handling, the appearance of the instruments contributes considerably to motivation.


I love music and have been playing guitar for over 15 years. String instruments are often regarded as old-fashioned or elitist. I think that's wrong. Meanwhile there are so many songs that go around the world and are accompanied by violins, violas, cellos or basses. It is my wish to create a community and to initiate the change of these instruments thanks to contemporary and sonorous carbon string instruments.

Our Partner


We distribute the brands CodaBow and GlasserBows from the USA. They are considered pioneers in carbon bow development. They combine traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art production systems and, thanks to Walter Paulus GmbH, we can look back on long business relationships with CodaBow and Glasser Bows. 


Stan Prosen, employee of ASTM International, discovered its unusual resonance in 1958 while testing the first carbon fibers. The idea of the carbon bow was born (CodaBow History).  CodaBow  is especially renowned among professional string musicians from Germany. Jeff van Fossen works closely with experts in music and teaching. His 30-strong staff produces the carbon bows in Winona, Minnesota with the most modern technology, but also with fine handwork. 


By patenting the first fiberglass bow, Andrew Glasser's great-grandfather paved the way to carbon bows in 1967. In the small workshop in Bronx, NY, gold bows are still made today. The classical bows, student bows and string instruments are partly industrially produced in Baja California, partly handcrafted. Thanks to his reconditioning program, Glasser Bows is firmly connected to American schools. 


All ebony and xebony frogs are manufactured with love and craftsmanship by Walter Paulus GmbH in Röttenbach, Germany.


Our Artists


We are very pleased to have found partners with the Feuerbach Quartet who are just as enthusiastic about the carbon string instruments and bows as we are. They test our new products with a lot of passion. The young ensemble arranges their own pop and rock songs for a classical string quartet. The Feuerbach Quartet unites Led Zeppelin, Prokofjew, Punkrock and A-capella Choir with a lot of humour and virtuosity in a single concert and thus lets all clichés and boundaries between classical and rock music be forgotten. Jamila, Max, Eugen and Lukas are also teachers and lecturers at various music academies and schools in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg.