Glasser 2000X Carbon Graphite Violin Bow


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Product information "Glasser 2000X Carbon Graphite Violin Bow"

If you want to buy a reliable student carbon bow, you should try the Glasser 2000x carbon violin bow. Besides the Glasser Carbon Violin, the 2000x carbon bow is not only very popular with students and their parents, but also with amateur violinists and is one of our best-selling products.

The 2000x carbon bow is similar in weight and stiffness to a student bow made of pernambuco wood.  It forgives small mistakes and motivates by its direct response. The clear advantage of the carbon bow is its durability. No matter if you are traveling, playing outdoors, or during turbulent orchestral rehearsals, the bows play excellently, are robust, require little maintenance, and tolerate humidity. Last but not least, there are over 100.000 of the Glasser X-Series carbon bows in circulation in US schools.

An affordable carbon bow that is a real pleasure to use.

Size selection: 4/4, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/10, 1/16 or 1/32.


Robust and weather resistant

Perfect for travel & student rehearsals



Bow Frog: Ebony frog
Instrument: Violin
Material: carbon graphite
Player Skill Level: Student

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Glasser Texalium Violin Bow
The Texalium violin bow from Glasser Bows is a first class student bow. This violin bow is made of the same carbon fiber material as the Glasser Student Violin Bow 2000X. Instead of the matte black finish, it has a colorful Barracuda Texalium skin. The violin bow with Texalium structure is available in red, green, silver, blue, purple, orange and gives the cello bow an extraordinary look. The playing characteristics are the same as the best selling 2000X violin bow from Glasser. It is slightly stiffer and has the weight of a medium weight violin bow. The Texalium violin bow has a nickel silver winding and an ebony frog made by the German family-owned Walter Paulus. The color of the bow stick is reflected in the frog's eyes and slide. The grip is rubber and the bow tip is plastic. (The horsehair is available in natural, black, blue, green, pink, purple, red and yellow - on request). If you prefer to avoid animal products altogether, we will be happy to string your cello bow with synthetic hair from Glasser (natural color) or Coruss (More colors...) for an additional charge - on request.   Characteristics: First class student violin bow Carbon fiber bow with round stick From the traditional manufacturer for carbon fiber bows Glasser Bows Noble Barracuda-Texalium structure Stick in red, green, blue, silver, orange, purple Ebony frog with colored inlay matching the bow stick from the family business Walter Paulus Nickel silver winding Made in Baja California, Mexico   Features:

Glasser 2000CG Violin Bow
The 2000CG (carbon graphite) violin bow is the highest quality composite bow stick of Glasser and features a unidirectional carbon fiber core. It is high-gloss black, nickel silver mounted with a fully lined Paulus ebony frog with flamed abalone slide and double eye. Characteristics: Robust and weather resistant Perfect for traveling and as a student violin bow Features:

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Perfect for advanced students to professional players. A dark rosin suitable for violin, viola, and cello.