Glasser AEX Carbon Electric Violin

Product information "Glasser AEX Carbon Electric Violin"

The Glasser Carbon Composite AEX Acoustic Electric Violin is designed for violinists looking for a rugged, stylish instrument that can be played both acoustically and electrically. The colorful finishing is an eye-catcher for any stage.

The E-line of Glasser Carbon instruments is ideal for beginners and advanced players looking for an instrument with a clear and rich sound, with or without amplifier. Due to the fine tuning pegs (Perfection Pegs) the time saving during tuning is enormous. In addition, the planetary gears prevent the fine tuning pegs from slipping or jamming. The instrument is set up with Larsen strings and comes ready to play. 

No matter whether on journeys, concerts or outdoor shows, the instruments are resistant, tolerate humidity and require little maintenance. 


Robust and weather resistant 

Perfect for travel & live performance 

Clear and rich sound

Easy and fast tuning due to planetary pegs

A little heavier than our Carbon Electric Violin



Bass Bar: Carbon
Body: Carbon fiber with a slightly pearlescent color
Bridge: Carbon, Maple, Despiau
Chin Rest: Wood
Colour: Blue
Finger Board: Carbon fiber composite
Neck: Carbon
Pegs: Perfection Pegs, 4:1 geared reduction
Perfection Pegs: 4
Pick up: Schatten Piezo Pickup in a Despiau bridge
Preamplifier: Bartolini Pre-Amp built into the chin rest system
Size: 4/4
Soundpost: Spruce
Stereo Input: 1/4" Stereo Input Jack Sleeve
Strings: 4 String Larsen
Tailpiece: Glasser Carbon Composite Swordtail Activ
Tone Control: Treble and bass controls on chinrest
Vegan: yes
Violin: Electric Violin
Volume Control: potentiometer in tailpiece
Weight: approx. 750g

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Accessory Items

Glasser Braided Carbon Fiber Violin Bow
The Glasser BCF bow is nickel-silver mounted with a fully lined ebony frog, goldfisch abalone slide and large eye, matching three-part button, and nickel-silver wire grip and tip. The braided carbon fiber bow is the ideal choice for advanced students and professional musicians, impressing above all with its responsiveness and giving its player an even feel and balance. The bow stick has a solid core and gives players more stability due to the stiffer stick.  The centre of gravity of the bow is in the middle with a slight tendency towards the frog. This violin bow is played by Stephanie (Johanna) from the metal band Feuerschwanz.    Characteristics: Fast response Robust and weather resistant Durable  Perfect for Travel & Live Performances    Features:

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