Leatherwood Rosin - Crisp and Supple


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Product information "Leatherwood Rosin - Crisp and Supple"

The Leatherwood Rosin helps string players to become musically spoken the best possible self, depending on bow type, instrument quality, technique, and playing style.

The Rosin forms the link between the bow and the string. Its texture and stickiness have a decisive influence on the vibration. The right choice of rosin is crucial because rosin contributes significantly to the improvement of sound and response. The player must first be aware of which sound and response characteristics he wants to achieve, then he can choose the ideal rosin.

The two most popular rosins Leatherwood Rosin Supple and Crisp can be found in our shop.

Leatherwood Rosin Crisp

Crisp rosin offers a decisive attack, firm traction, and crisp sautillé, and an undeniable forthright sound through a glassier texture. It works well with an instrument that has a lot of resonance, but the sound is a bit vague, then the rosin leads to greater clarity and articulation. Sforzando accents are excellent to play. It provides clarity and a very direct sound. A clear and articulated spiccato or sautillé is easier to play.

Leatherwood Rosin Supple

This rosin supports the tone of deep and warm sounding instruments. For stringed instruments that are too loud, too bright, or one-dimensional the rosin helps to produce a softer and rounder sound. Seamless bow traction that feels velvety and rich produces a powerful and focused – even with a soft and light bow.

The Leatherwood rosin has been designed to match the physical characteristics of the various string instruments and bows of violin, viola, and cello. Therefore, in addition to Leatherwood Rosin Crisp and Leatherwood Rosin Supple you can also choose between violin, viola, and cello rosin.

Also available in a vegan version with hemp cloth.

As these are handmade natural products, color and wood grain may differ from the picture.

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