CodaBow Diamond GX Cello Bow

Cello Coda Bow GX
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A stunning tribute to history’s great performance bows, the CodaBow DIAMOND GX delights with a... more

A stunning tribute to history’s great performance bows, the CodaBow DIAMOND GX delights with a tone both warm and robust. Its sophisticated Acoustic Core, traditional weight and balance, and high response delivers a professional, expressive bow sensitive to the subtle commands of the hand. It facilitates a wide variety of techniques, playing quick, articulated strokes as effortlessly as even, resonant long tones. The GX blends naturally in ensembles or projects richly for soloists. Unrivaled in its class, the GX is the clear favorite of professionals of all genres worldwide. Who plays CodaBow?

CodaBow bows show that the most modern materials can be uncompromisingly combined with outstanding playing quality. Through collaboration with musicians, master bow makers, teachers and leading scientists, this advanced bow family made of carbon has been developed.

The bows are manufactured in the USA. Frogs and buttons are manufactured by Walter Paulus GmbH in Germany (Bavaria). To our CodaBow Website.

The bows feature GlobalBow® technology and contain only harmless materials. Thus the bow can be taken carefree on journeys.

Quality features

Kevlar acoustic core

GlobalBow® Technology

Sound: Warm, Rich

Lifetime manufacturer warranty (Registration CodaBow)



Strength/Action: Moderate-Supple
Button: Three-Part Silver Button
Weight: Medium
Dynamic Balance: Center-Frog
Touch: Responsive, Strong
Tone Color: Warm, Rich, Complex
Travel: GlobalBow® Certified
Bow Frog: Bow Frog Crafted From XEBONY®
Stick: Round Stick
Fitting: Sterling Silver Fittings
Winding: Sterling Silver Winding
Bow Design: Diamond Weave Architecture
Bow Core: Kevlar Acoustic Core
Instrument: Cello
Niveau: Advanced, Master
Size: 4/4
Color: brown
Material: carbon
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