Codabow Joule Cello Bow

Product information "Codabow Joule Cello Bow"

Strong and brilliant, the JOULE has a powerful resonance on the lower strings and a strong projection over all pitches. The innovative design of the pole, which cannot be achieved with conventional materials, gives more mass to critical areas while maintaining a balanced weight distribution and comfortable flexibility. The JOULE is ideal for electric instruments. Who plays CodaBow?

The bows are manufactured in the USA. Frogs and buttons are manufactured by Walter Paulus GmbH in Germany (Bavaria). To our CodaBow Website.

The bows feature GlobalBow® technology and contain only harmless materials. Thus the bow can be taken carefree on journeys.

Quality features

GlobalBow® Technology

Sound: Brilliant, powerful

Play feeling strong and flexible

10 years manufacturer warranty (Registration CodaBow)



Action/Stiffness: Medium-Strong
Balance Point: Center-Tip
Bogen Design: Diamond Weave Architecture
Bow Frog: Bow Frog Crafted From XEBONY®, Turbo Frog Design
Button: One-Part Button
Colour: Black
Instrument: Cello
Material: carbon
Montur: Nickel Silver Fittings
Player Skill Level: Advanced
Playing Experience: Strong, Flexible
Size: 4/4
Sound: Brilliant, Powerful
Stick: Round Stick
Travel: GlobalBow® Certified
Weight: Medium-Heavy
Winding: Silver-Plated Winding

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