Codabow Joule Violin Bow

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Strong and brilliant, the JOULE has a powerful resonance on the lower strings and a... more

Strong and brilliant, the JOULE has a powerful resonance on the lower strings and a strong projection over all pitches. The innovative design of the pole, which cannot be achieved with conventional materials, gives more mass to critical areas while maintaining a balanced weight distribution and comfortable flexibility. The JOULE is ideal for electric instruments. Who plays CodaBow?

The bows are manufactured in the USA. Frogs and buttons are manufactured by Walter Paulus GmbH in Germany (Bavaria). To our CodaBow Website.

The bows feature GlobalBow® technology and contain only harmless materials. Thus the bow can be taken carefree on journeys.

Quality features

GlobalBow® Technology

Sound: Brilliant, powerful

Play feeling strong and flexible

10 years manufacturer warranty (Registration CodaBow)



Strength/Action: Medium-Strong
Fitting: Nickel Silver Fittings
Weight: Medium-Heavy
Touch: Strong, Flexible
Tone Color: Brilliant, Powerful
Button: One-Part Button
Bow Frog: Bow Frog Crafted From XEBONY®, Turbo Frog Design
Dynamic Balance: Center-Tip
Winding: Silver-Plated Winding
Travel: GlobalBow® Certified
Stick: Round Stick
Bow Design: Diamond Weave Architecture
Instrument: Violin
Level: Advanced
Size: 4/4
Color: black
Material: carbon
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14 Apr 2021

Several weight points along the length of the bow allows you to hold your bow lightly and still have a powerful tone.

Here comes 2019, and I decided to get a Glasser AE 5 strings. It’s a whole other ball game to play an acoustic with an extra string. I felt that the Luma CodaBow I had before was not getting the job done equally on both violins, the Glasser and the YEV.
After watching some other players reviews about the Luma it felt natural to evolve, and thanks to Eureka Instruments, I got a brand new Joule to try out.
Immediately I felt a difference on the response of the C strings on both violins. The Joule has several weight points along the length of the bow, the allow you to hold your bow lightly but still have a powerful tone.
To me it feels even lighter than the Luma, I’m sure that in a few weeks I’ll get familiar with the new physics of the bow.

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