Glasser Carbon Violin, 1/2-3/4

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  • EU10108.3
Our smallest violin for our little artists among aus. Stylish but rebellious, Glasser´s... more

Our smallest violin for our little artists among aus.

Stylish but rebellious, Glasser´s acoustic violin embodies unique design with high sound quality.

Glasser has long been a world leader in developing advanced string products with the use of composite materials. The instruments are the latest development.  

Glasser Carbon instruments are ideal for beginners and advanced players looking for an instrument with a clear and rich sound that impresses. The innovative Planetary Perfection Pegs save an enormous amount of time when tuning. Besides the planetary thread prevents the pegs from slipping or clamping. The violin is delivered ready to play with the strings of Larsen Strings.

No matter if you are travelling, playing concerts, or performing outdoors, the instruments are durable, tolerate humidity and are low maintenance.


Resistant and weather proof

Perfect for travelling and live performance

Clear and rich sound

Easy and quick tuning by pegs with planetary thread



Violin: Acoustic violin
Size: 3/4, 1/2
Color: black, brown
Body: 3K carbon fiber weave and dye coat showcasing the distinctive carbon fiber look
Neck: Carbon
Fingerboard and chin rest: Carbon fiber composite
Chin rest: Wood
Pegs: Perfection Pegs, 4:1 geared reduction
Strings: 4 String Larsen
Bridge: Maple, Despiau
Bassbalken: Carbon
Sound post: Spruce
Tailpiece: Glasser Carbon Composite
Fine tuner: 4
Vegan: yes
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