Glasser Carbon Violin Set

Product information "Glasser Carbon Violin Set"

Violin students but also musicians who want to buy a violin set will enjoy this practical set for a long time!

Both the black violin and the discreet matt-brown carbon violin by Glasser Instruments look very elegant.

The sound volume of the carbon violin is impressive and the response is immediate. Due to the fine tuning pegs by Perfection Pegs the time saving during tuning is enormous. In addition, the planetary thread prevents the fine tuning pegs from slipping or getting stuck. In addition, maintenance costs are considerably lower.

The violin set is very comfortable: in addition to the carbon violin, the standard set includes the student's bow 2000X, rosin, a violin case with a removable backpack, a tuner and a cleaning cloth. We also recommend the KUN Shoulder Rest.

Musicians also enjoy this violin set for traveling. The violin not only fits effortlessly into the backpack, but also fluctuations in humidity or temperature can no longer harm the violin. If you also order a vegan violin bow with synthetic hair, nothing stands in the way of an open-air concert.

Depending on your playing level we recommend the BCF2005 or the 2000X . On request we can offer an individual set with a CodaBow or a vegan bow.

The violin comes ready to play with strings from Larsen Strings.



Resistant and weather proof

Perfect for travelling and live performance

Clear and rich sound

Easy and quick tuning by pegs with planetary thread


Components of the violin set:

Glasser Carbon Violin

Select: Glasser 2000X Carbon Graphite Violin Bow

Premium: Glasser Braided Carbon Violin Fiber Bow (Surcharge) - Only available in size 4/4

Violin Case with a Backpack





Body: 3K carbon fiber weave and dye coat showcasing the distinctive carbon fiber look
Bridge: Maple, Despiau
Finger Board: Carbon fiber composite
Neck: Carbon
Pegs: Perfection Pegs, 4:1 geared reduction
Perfection Pegs: 4
Soundpost: Spruce
Strings: 4 String Larsen
Tailpiece: Glasser Carbon Composite
Violin: Acoustic Violin
Weight: approx. 600g, ca. 440 g, ca. 510 g

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May 20, 2020 01:09

Awesome Glasser set and very kind saler

I bought this amazing set almost a month ago and is perfect!! It has all the necessary to recieve and start to practice or play. Comes complete. The sound is very nice. I'm very happy with my set. The colofony the tuner the bow the cloth and the violin are perfect and high quality. Very durable in different weather conditions. 100% recomended product and saler. Thanks very much Julia.