CodaBow Diamond NX Violin Bow

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"Agile and accommodating" is how CodaBows NX violin bow is praised by students and teachers... more

"Agile and accommodating" is how CodaBows NX violin bow is praised by students and teachers alike.

The Violin Bow

The violin bow Diamond NX inherit the same traditional design as the professional models of the CodaBow Diamond Collection. The NX deliveres an uncomplicated, sweet tone emphasizing the fundamental of the pitch. The stronger, firmer stick and well-balanced weight allows musicians and students alike to develop their technique. Though less nuanced in sound and feel, it offers consistency and control across a wide platform of technique. If you would like to buy a successor model of the Prodigy violin bow by CodaBow, the NX violin bow is a good choice.

Bowing Skills

Relaxed bow hold. Creating a clear tone. Mastery of the first double stops. Playing accented strokes. Being able to play lifts and beginning spiccato.

Collaboration with Musicians and Teachers

When developing the NX violin bow, CodaBow repeatedly sought the opinion of violin teachers. Through collaboration with musicians, master bow makers and leading scientists, this advanced carbon bow family "Diamond-Collection" was developed: CodaBow Diamond SX, CodaBow Diamond GX and the CodaBow Diamond NX.

Who plays CodaBow?

Manufacturing the CodaBow Diamond NX

The violin bows are manufactured in the USA. The aerospace-grade carbon fibers are precisely layered and woven extend continuously from button to tip in a Diamond Weave. This helps the bow to achieve an optimal balance of strength, flexibility, and response. The frogs made of Xebony® and buttons are manufactured at Walter Paulus GmbH in Germany. Xebony® was developed with species protection in mind. It is a compound of natural fibers and resin. It is characterized by its hardness, durability and preservation of endangered resources. To our CodaBow page.

The bows feature GlobalBow® technology and contain only harmless materials. So, you can take the bow with you on your travels without any worries.


Quality features

GlobalBow® Technology

Sound: Clear, Sustained

10 years manufacturer warranty (Registration CodaBow)



Dynamic Balance: Center-Tip
Weight: Medium
Touch: Strong, Firm
Tone Color: Clear, Sustained
Button: Three-Part Button
Fitting: Nickel Silver Fittings
Winding: Silver-Plated Winding
Strength/Action: Moderate-Supple
Travel: GlobalBow® Certified
Bow Frog: Bow Frog Crafted From XEBONY®
Stick: Round Stick
Bow Design: Diamond Weave Architecture
Instrument: Violin
Level: Advanced, Student
Size: 4/4
Color: brown
Material: carbon
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